Mission Statement

[Non-profit, nondenominational registered in Macau, China (International Biblical Association)]

Wordproject is an open and royalty free webpage that aims to make the Word of God - the Bible - available to as many people as possible, through a means that is simple, up-to-date and cheap to reproduce and use.
Millions in today's world still do not have access to the Word of God in their own language.
Back in the 90's, with the advent of computer age, computers became accessible to most people and the Internet made the browser one of the most common and easy to use programs, thus, a Bible in a webpage format was easy enough for anyone to use. Simple html technology made it possible to offer the whole Bible in many languages including simplified and traditional Chinese, Pinyin (Romanized Chinese), Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Swahili, Amharic, Tagalog, Greek, Thai, Tamil, Hebrew, Somali, Indonesian, Viet, Turkish, Persian, and many more, which could also display simultaneously in different combinations.

Gradually, Wordproject started to record and offer audio Bible recordings in these main languages of the world. More and more Bible recordings and text were made available for download, wherefore they could be used offline.
As the use of mobile devices (phones, pads and tablets) also increased, Wordproject changed into a mobile compatible site and started to develop downloadable applications for mobile devices, such as our [WP Android Application] and our [ IOS Application.]

Wordproject is still growing and changing, wherefore there are always new improvements and features to be added, plus other languages that we would like to make available. If you are a native of any of the languages we offer in this site, you may want to help and you could start by translating the content and tabs to localize the site. You may contact us through our email to learn how you can help. Thank you.

Jorge and Donna


Wordproject [as ChristianAsia] has had a presence online since 1997. Those were the early days of the internet and our participation online was simple and limited. Because in those days there were not many digital versions of the Bible online, we started scanning some in 2001. Our main objective was to make the Chinese Bible available in digital format. We created a web page with the Chinese, English and Pinyin Bibles in parallel and distributed in CD format. In those days it was very difficult to obtain Bibles in China. The Chinese, Portuguese and English Bibles were the first to be offered on our site. Thus, for several years we concentrated on this region of the world - Macau and Guangdong province of China. On April 12, 2002 we registered the 'Wordproject' domain, and started to expand to other languages. Gradually the site grew and became more international. Between 2003 and 2008 we recorded the first narration of the Portuguese Bible (JFA). Meanwhile we started recordings the Chinese Bible (CUV) and concluded two instances of the Chinese Si Gao version (Mandarin and Cantonese)in 2010. In 2011 Wordproject sponsored the audio recordings of the Amharic Bible. In 2012 our team in Africa recorded the first Swahili Audio narration of the New Testament, and in 2013 the first Swahili Audio narration of the Old Testament. Ever since we have sponsored the recording of several narrations present in our site, (i.e. Luganda, Tamil, Tagalog, Brazilian Portuguese (NT) and others) and we have been blessed with the permission to use several other narrations, mostly in the public domain, which we are authorized to use for non-profit education/evangelization.

A Word of Appreciation

We are a family-based ministry, and we are grateful for the many people around the world who are cooperating with us. Below is a list [in alphabetic order] of those who have cooperated with us through the years. Without them it would be difficult, if at all possible, to build and maintain this online ministry. We thank them all:

Abdi Duale, Ajay Deane, Alexander Karaba, Alex Jorge, Anil Dhaliwal, Anit Deane, Arie de Kruijff, Arman Roshdi, Bai Wen Biao [Robin], Benjamim Matei, Benjamim Su, Binitha Navis, Binu Joseph, Brent, Clement Lee, Costas Stergiou, Cristiana Su, Darrel Six, Dennis Dyvig, Eagle Chan, Eddy Tan, Ellen G.V, Emanuel Soares, G.Shiva Kumar, Gabriel Soares, Gerardo Schnell-Medina, Gloria Su, Hephzibah Dhaliwal, Hison Kahng, Hlengiwe Ngcobo, Isaac Asiago, Isaac Mwkaeli, Jenny Chung, Jitender Singh, Joana Su, Jose Pinto, Joseph Chiringa, Juda Sumcad, Julie Johnson, Julie Vanitha, Κωνσταντίνος Μπεζάνης (Konstantin), Leah Landes, Lilia Halitov, Ling Ayleen Yien, Lisbet Sumcad, Marcia Cowley, Marie de Kruijff, Martin Paraliev, Matheus Barreto, Mathias Sserugo, Miranda Gao, Pamela Josker, Patricia Prebble, Patrick Nabwera, Paul Cowley, Paulo Santos, Pedro Ho, Phil DiFrancesca, Philip Soares, Raaj Vanitha, Raymond Yuen, Samnas Berhanu, Samuel Mwiti, Saul Ho, Silas Ngalaka, Sister Tzana, Stephen Chung, Sserugo Mathias, Steven Patrick, Terry Sun, Timothy Landes, Thompson K Fredison, Trevor James, Yeral Ogando, Yonas Hailemeskel, Yuqin.

If your name is not here, we would like it to be, there is still a lot more to be done in helping to bring the Word of God to every creature... i.e. if you are fluent in a language present in this site you may be a great help in translating the tabs and navigation buttons, titles and instructions and maybe the articles present in the site. Or, if you are a developer and know how to make apps or code javascript or have any ideas that would improve our pages. Please, contact us HERE.

You are ONLY allowed to use the AUDIO Bible resources offered in our site , if your APP or website contains NO ads. The Word of God is NOT for sale or for business lucre, so you are not allowed to place our audio or links into for-sale apps.. Perpetrators could be prosecuted or reported to service providers! Read Disclaimer