How to use multilanguage parallel display

  • Go to the MULTI page and choose the set of languages you wish to use. i.e. Chinese with English or Hindi and with French or any other combination of languages you may need. On the top of the multi page you will see small box with the indication of the languages they correspond to. Click on two or more boxes [maximum of 4], and as you do that you will see the different languages displaying on the columns below.
    There is also a dropdown menu over the columns. Choose the book, and the chapter and the verse you wish to read. Click GO o the right of the pulldown menu. As you do that, you will see the text scrolling to the book and verse of your choice in the different columns, which display the languages you have chosen when you ticked the boxes at the top.
    To keep the alignment of the different languages you may choose to use the verse selection on the pulldown menu instead of scrolling. i.e. you may choose verse 1 and after reading that verse you want to keep reading. you read as far as you can and when you need to scroll down, choose verse 5 for example, on the pulldown menu, click go and the text will scroll in all the columns to align with verse 5. It is simple. Just try it.