Beware if you download through your mobile phone: unless you use wi-fi, your phone charges may be very HIGH.
Suggestion: download files through computer and copy them to your smart phone - After you download the file you unzip it, or uncompressed it, with a program that is freely available online. 7zip, for example, is a good one and it is free. when you unzip this file you have a directory called 'af', for Afrikaans, or 'kj' for English King James version or whatever language you downloaded. You copy this directory into your mobile phone or smartphone and go look for it in your storage card or memory. Inside this directory there is a file called index.htm. Click on that file and a page will open, a web page. This is the same page you see online and has links to all the books of the Bible, which you can use. This process will be the same for any computer or operating system that allows copying into it.

Important Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of characters.